St. Catherine's Village

“Respect for Life” and caring for those who are sick and injured is the visible, public continuation of Christ’s healing ministry and the bedrock philosophy of St. Catherine’s Village.

We recognize that each resident deserves comprehensive care. This embraces not only the physical needs, but also the spiritual, mental, emotional and social needs. That means comprehensive care of proportionate means, always taking into consideration the judgment of the resident and reasonable hope of benefit without excessive burden.

Reflection on the innate dignity of human life in all its dimensions has created St. Catherine’s Village’s four distinct care levels: independent living, assisted living, Alzheimer’s personal care, and 24-hour nursing care. All residents, in all areas of living, should receive loving care with psycho-social and spiritual support and appropriate remedies for pain and other symptoms so they can live life fully, richly, and with comfort and dignity.

As a subsidiary of St. Dominic Health Services, we are able to offer a broad spectrum of care and services through all of the corporate entities. Professionals with a multitude of talents cooperate to provide care. Every employee and staff member contributes professional competence and loyalty to promote health and healing.

Through wellness and health promotion programs, and the provision of health education opportunities based upon current needs, St. Catherine’s Village continues to preserve and improve the quality of life and health status of our residents. To live life to the fullest and maximize one’s total potential physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, and educationally is the programs’ focus. It is St. Catherine’s Village’s philosophy to make available every tool and component possible to enhance holistic health, healing and wellness at St. Catherine’s Village.

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