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St. Catherine’s Village Begins Administering COVID-19 Vaccine

In partnership with CVS Pharmacy, St. Catherine’s Village began administering the COVID-19 vaccine to residents at the all-inclusive Life Plan Community on January 21, 2021. “We are so grateful, and excited, to take this extremely important step to protect our residents and combat the Coronavirus,” said Felichia Fields, assistant executive director of the Madison, Mississippi […]

A Generation Of St. Catherine’ Village Residents Have Moved Through The Life Plan Community’s Continuum Of Care

As a senior, having somewhere to live where you feel comfortable and safe is extremely important given today’s public health concerns. Melissa Ridgway has found such a place—St. Catherine’s Village, Madison, Mississippi’s preeminent Life Plan Community. “St. Catherine’s Village was made by God to take me through life,” she said. Ms. Ridgway moved into an […]

Robbie Hughes’ Testimonial

I feel so blessed to be living at St. Catherine’s Village – especially right now! The people here are doing everything possible to protect us, to keep us safe and, above all, to keep us well!!!!! We have been instructed to abide by all the health precautions given by those in authority concerning the dreaded […]

Richard Johnson’s Testimonial

“I don’t think SCV could’ve done any better.” I’ve told friends I feel like I’m staying at a five-star hotel! We’ve had meal delivery, mail delivery, iced tea delivery and ice cream delivery. You guys have been doing a great job. It’s amazing that there have been no coronavirus cases in Independent Living with this […]

Father Cosgrove’s Testimonial

As Pastor of St. Francis Catholic Church in Madison (1994-2005) I was responsible for Catholic ministry at SCV. For 11 years I saw the care that SCV offered to residents of all faiths; especially those in need of nursing care. I was inspired with the sense of community among residents. From daily mass to croquet […]

Weighing The Options Of A Life Plan Community In Today’s Environment

In light of the current healthcare crisis facing our country…one in which senior living communities have been particularly hard hit…many people are re-thinking whether or not they should move their loved ones into independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing. While this is a thoughtful decision at any time, it is being evaluated with even […]