Life Plan Communities Like St. Catherine’s Village Can Enhance Seniors’ Health And Well-Being

Studies have shown that seniors who live in a Life Plan Community that includes multiple levels of care on one campus reported their social, intellectual, physical, and emotional wellness improved after moving there.

This may be because Life Plan Communities tend to offer environments rich in services, programs, amenities, and opportunities that support overall health and well-being. That’s the case at St. Catherine’s Village in Madison, Mississippi. Here, the all-inclusive Life Care program allows residents to move into an independent living apartment or home then transition to assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing if and when the need arises.

Both environmental resources and personal competence are important to aging well and work together to determine an individual’s optimal level of function, say gerontologists. Stress is a major factor contributing to one’s attitude and overall outlook on life, and residents in Life Plan Communities reported lower levels of stress than seniors who live in other environments. This may be due, in part, to knowing they are guaranteed services throughout their lifetime and will have a smooth transition as their level of care needs changes with age.

Another reason Life Plan Community residents report they feel more optimistic may be because they are surrounded by a support system night and day. At St. Catherine’s Village, for example, seniors are around others in the same stage of life going through similar experiences, and they have the assistance of caregivers in times of need. Residents also can participate in a variety of organized activities…from joining the choir or gardening club to sharing in daily devotions, from attending mixers and events to taking arts, crafts and painting classes…to increase their happiness and reduce their stress.

Being physically fit is just as important to a senior’s well-being as their emotional health. Staying active contributes to physical wellness while being sedentary for too long during the day increases health risks. It’s easy for seniors living on their own to succumb to bad habits if no one is around to encourage them to get up and get moving. At a Life Plan Community, on the other hand, there are activities for all fitness levels. St. Catherine’s Village not only has an on-site fitness center and heated indoor pool, it also offers a variety of exercise classes to support a healthy lifestyle. These include stretching, chair yoga, low impact cardio, water aerobics, and more.

A healthy diet rich in nutrients can help cognition and memory in seniors as well as feed the body. St. Catherine’s Village makes it easy for residents to eat well by including nutritious dining options and meal plans. When a Life Plan Community resident does experience a health issue, he or she has access to treatments and caregivers trained in senior living.

Located on 160 picturesque and wooded acres, St. Catherine’s Village provides the right care at the right time through independent living in garden homes and apartments; assisted living in Marian Hall; memory care in Campbell Cove; and skilled nursing in Siena Center, Tuscany and Hughes Center—all in a protected environment.

To learn more about senior living options at St. Catherine’s Village Life Plan Community, log onto or call (601) 856-0123 to schedule a one-on-one tour.