How Do You Know Which Level Of Senior Care Is Best For Your Situation?

As we age, the tasks associated with maintaining your current lifestyle can become more challenging. Everything from household chores to major home repairs, from planning and preparing nutritious meals to socializing can become overwhelming if we have to face them on our own. As a result, many people choose to move to a senior living community where they can be surrounded by others and receive support when they need it. With a variety of levels of senior care available…how do you know which is best for your specific set of circumstances?

Below are the definitions of each level of senior care to help you determine the one that’s right for you or your loved one.

Independent Living

Are you able to care for yourself but are tired of spending your time doing yard work? Or maybe you no longer feel safe tackling major home repairs. Independent living offers the opportunity to live in an apartment or attached home where all maintenance is handled for you. You still have the freedom to come and go as you choose, drive your own vehicle if you are able, and live independently. But at the same time, you can participate in a range of social activities and recreational programs, and often sign up for meal plans. At St. Catherine’s Village, independent living is the first step to an all-inclusive Life Plan program.

Assisted Living

Do you rely on family or friends to assist you on a regular basis? Perhaps you are struggling with mobility and need help around the house. Or you can no longer drive so shopping and getting out are difficult. When the point comes that you require more than just an occasional helping hand, assisted living is an ideal option. In assisted living like Marian Hall at St. Catherine’s Village, you will receive support as needed with the activities of daily living…bathing, dressing, grooming, and even medication management. You will also receive three healthy meals a day. And a nurse is available 24/7.

Memory Care

Is your loved one struggling with more than age-related memory loss? Then it may be time to consider moving to a memory care community such as Campbell Cove at St. Catherine’s Village. While nothing can cure Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, getting into a structured environment early can aid in slowing the progression of memory loss and improve quality of life. The best memory care communities provide a homelike environment with common areas that allow your loved ones to enjoy their privacy yet participate in activities as they desire. To prevent wandering, outdoor areas should be secure so residents can spend time outside in a protected setting.

Advanced Memory Care

In the later stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, joining group activities may be over-stimulating. A memory care community that focuses on small-group or one-on-one interactions may be a better alternative. In addition to person-centered programming, buildings designed for advanced memory care should also follow architectural principles that minimize obstacles. The Hughes Center at St. Catherine’s Village, for example, was created specifically for people with advanced memory loss and includes wayfinding cues and circulation paths to guide people from one place to another. In addition, small yet distinctive neighborhoods allow for individual privacy while supporting family-size gatherings.

Skilled Nursing

The senior care level that features the most hands-on personal and medical attention is skilled nursing. If your loved one requires 24-hour care and needs assistance with all or most daily activities, then skilled nursing is the right choice. A skilled nursing community will have at least one full-time registered nurse on staff along with access to a doctor 24/7. Most will also offer social activities as well as emotional support. At Siena Center at St. Catherine’s Village, residents can receive spiritual services, too. The goal with skilled nursing is to make your loved as comfortable and independent as possible.

You can narrow down which level of senior care is the best fit for you or your loved one by understanding what each level of services offers.

St. Catherine’s Village offers an all-inclusive Life Plan program that guarantee residents senior care services throughout their lifetime—from independent living to more intensive care in assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing.

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