Now Is The Time To Talk About Moving Into A CCRC

You’re all gathered together for the holidays when this conversation comes up…mom and dad are considering a move. Although mom loves the home where she raised her family, she now feels it is too big and the stairs have become a daily challenge. Dad is tired of all the yard work and thinks maintaining their existing home’s interior and exterior is too time consuming. They want to relax during their retirement years and spend their time on activities they enjoy.

In many families, broaching the subject of moving to a senior living community can be uncomfortable. Fortunately, having a discussion about a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) makes it easier. That’s because a CCRC offers a homelike environment for seniors across varying stages of dependence—starting with independent living. Many residents are as young as 62 years old.

A CCRC or all-inclusive Life Care program allows residents to move into an independent living apartment or home then transition to more intensive care—assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing—as the need arises. When a new resident enters the Life Care program at St. Catherine’s Village, for example, he or she typically pays a one-time entrance fee; however, there is a Life Care option with no entrance fee. The program then offers unlimited, all-inclusive Life Care where services are guaranteed throughout that resident’s lifetime at a predetermined rate. As a result, they know monthly expenses from day one and can plan accordingly.

So, how do you know when it’s time to move to Independent Living?

Dad no longer wants to spend time on yard work and home maintenance. Mom is tired of house cleaning and laundry. Relax. Independent living also means maintenance-free living. All outdoor living spaces and common areas are cared for. And any exterior repairs are taken care of. Depending on the level of service, linens and housekeeping also may be included in monthly fees. Independent living offers just that—independence from the hassles of home repairs, outdoor chores and so much more. 

Mom and dad don’t get out socially as frequently as they’d like. Most, if not all, CCRCs offer age-appropriate activities galore…fitness classes, group events, games, sports, hobbies, clubs, and more…all on-site. They often coordinate off-campus driving-free excursions, as well. At St. Catherine’s Village, full-time activities directors plan parties and classes to keep residents engaged.

Everyone wants to feel secure at home. Living alone can be daunting. At a CCRC, residents are surrounded by others their age and have access to helpful staff 24 hours a day. Plus, at St. Catherine’s Village, they reside in a secure environment with 24-hour on-site security, which offers peace of mind. Leaving home for a vacation is worry-free.

Most seniors don’t want to burden others. In independent living, residents are still self-sufficient and able to maintain their independence. At the same time, their families feel more comfortable knowing that their loved ones have a support system to rely on.

As you gather with family and celebrate your holiday traditions this year, be open to the opportunities that come with making a move. Don’t be afraid to talk about a CCRC or all-inclusive Life Care community…and all the benefits that come with independent living.