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Five Myths About Skilled Nursing Facilities

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When the time comes and you need to trust someone else to care for your loved one, nursing homes often have a negative reputation. In reality, these skilled nursing facilities offer 24-hour care and support that individuals usually cannot receive at home. When researching the ...
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5 Signs That Indicate Your Loved May Need Memory Care

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At first, they forget little things like where they placed their keys or someone’s birthday. That’s natural—it happens to everyone as they age. How do you know when the forgetfulness is becoming a bigger issue that may require memory care support? Other signals that something ...
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The Perfect Palette

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Art created by residents at St. Catherine’s Village is on display at the Mississippi Museum of Art now through September 4, 2016. The exhibit is free and open to the public. Paintings were created as part of The Perfect Palette Art Group at St. Catherine’s ...
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7 Ways To Keep Your Mind Sharp

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We all have those moments when we forget where we put our glasses, blank on a friend's name, or discover at the supermarket that we've left the shopping list at home. Such occasional lapses are common, especially once we hit our forties. And while it ...
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