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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9:30 am:  Strength Exercise Class

Low Impact stretching, strength & cardio exercises (sitting and standing options).*Shirley Video on the TV*

9:30 am:  Group Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise and strength training in the pool. Great for the joints!

10:00 am:  Aerobic Exercise Class

Stretching, strength & cardio exercises (sitting and standing options). *Activity Room on the Big Screen*

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

3:45 pm:  Water Walking

An opportunity to strength train in the pool with other residents.

Every Tuesday

8:30 am:  Chair Yoga Class

Stretching, strengthening, improved flexibility, and relaxation. Yoga is beneficial physically and mentally!

*Summer Break for Line Dancing, we’ll bring it back based on interest* GREAT class with fun instructor. Let the Activity Office know if you are interested in participating.


Thursday, 5th, 12th, 19th, & 26th

1:00 pm: Art Classes with Nathalie 

Come paint, craft and/or draw! Let the creative juices flow!

1:00 pm: Happy Stitchers

Meet in The Club every Thursday to work on needlework projects together. All are welcome!

DAY TRIPS AND TOURS  Time to Explore! Trips and tours to local attractions with SCV.

Tuesday, 17th

5:00 pm: LETO (Let’s Eat Dinner Out!) Dinner Group



Monday – Friday

7-9:00 am:  Coffee

Coffee is served in the Activity Room daily for conversation with friends.

Every Tuesday

1:00 pm:  Movie

A feature film takes place in the Activity Room on the big screen every Tuesday afternoon.

Every Wednesday

1:00 pm:  Hand & Foot Card Games

This game is easy to learn and fun to play! All are welcome!

Every Friday

6:30 pm:  BINGO

$1 per bingo card. Test your luck at the Bingo Game and spend the evening with friends.

Monday, 2nd

10:30 am: Village Q & A

Great opportunity for NEW and current residents to learn more about life at SCV, bring your questions or come be a resource.

3:00 pm: Patriotic Program with the SCV Choir

Celebrate Independence Day with our talented SCV Choir singing Patriotic music.

Wednesday, 4th

3-4:00 pm: Ice Cream Sundae Resident Social

Cool off with a sweet treat in the Activity Room. Free and open to all residents.

9:00 pm: Firework Show

(weather permitting) Watch the show from Liberty Park over the SCV Lake from the back patio, balconies or bubble rooms!

Thursday, 5th

10:00 am: Coffee with MMJ

Village Meeting to get news and updates about SCV, meet new residents and ask questions.

Tuesday, 10th

10:30 am:  History Club with George Kirkpatrick

Mark Twain (pt. 2) Twain achieves international acclaim with Huck Finn, many acclaim the greatest
American novel every written.

Thursday, 12th

10:30 am: Bible Study with Richard Thomas

Meet in the Activity Room.

Friday, 13th

3:00 pm: Dart Games

No experience necessary and tons of fun! Give it try and come down to the Cyber Cafe! *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD*

Monday, 16th

3:00 pm:  Guest Speaker

Peter Gilderson, Mississippi Author to discuss his book and capturing life stories!

Thursday, 19th

10:00 am: Nourish Your Noggin’ Presentation

Topic is EXERCISE! Strategies to keep active and healthy!

Friday, 20th

1:00 pm:  $1 Bridge Tournament

Find a partner you enjoy playing with and *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD* for our monthly tournament!

Monday, 23rd

1:00 pm: Laugh Club

Watch funny videos on the big screen that are good for the soul, laughter is the best medicine.

Tuesday, 24th

10:30 am: Tea with Sister Dorothea

Architects on the St. D Emergency Department Expansion will be here to discuss updates and plans.

Thursday, 26th

10:30 am: Bible Study with Richard Thomas

The emphasis of the entire Bible Study series will be on what the Bible teaches and what believers can learn about prayer. Each monthly meeting will include a number of subjects.

4:00 pm: Book Club

The Group will meet in THE CLUB ROOM this month.

Friday, 27th

9:00 am – Noon: Health Fair Expo & Free Screenings

A Variety of Health Vendors will be offering information and health screenings in the Activity Room and Dogwood Room.

Monday, 30th

4:00 pm: Chamber Concert

Elektrik Geriatrik (Allan Lessem and Helen Wetherbee) will perform a classical sampler! Light refreshments will be served.

Tuesday, 31st

10:30 am: Astronomy Presentation

Joe Burghard will share a lesson on Astronomy covering many different interesting intergalactic topics.