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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9:30 am:  Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise and strength training in the pool. Great for the joints!

9:30 am:  Strength Exercise Class

Low Impact stretching, strength & cardio exercises (sitting and standing options).*Shirley Video on the TV*

9:30 am:  Aerobic Exercise Class

High impact strength & cardio exercises (sitting and standing options). *Activity Room on the Big Screen*

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

3:45 pm:  Water Walking

An opportunity to strength train and walk in the pool with other residents.

Every Tuesday

8:30 am:  Chair Yoga Class

Certified Chair Yoga Instructor, Lee Parrott walks you through 45 minutes of stretching, strengthening, flexibility, and relaxation. Yoga is beneficial physically and mentally! *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD*


Every Tuesday

10:00 am: Happy Painters

*NEW* Paint supplies will be available for you to paint at your leisure.

Thursday, 6th

1:00 pm: Intermediate/Advanced Level Oil Painting Workshop with Boo Richards

All supplies and instruction provided. *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD*   This is not a beginner level class, beginner opportunities will be offered in the future.

Thursday, 13th

1:00 pm: Art Class

Clay, making coil pots. *NEW* supplies and instruction will be provided.

Thursday, 20th

1:00 pm: Art Class

Drawing, supplies and instruction will be provided.

Thursday, 27th

1:00 pm: Art Class

Painting, supplies and instruction will be provided.

Thursday, 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th

1:00 pm: Happy Stitchers

Meet in “The Club” every Thursday to work on needlework projects together. All are welcome!

DAY TRIPS AND TOURS  Time to Explore! Trips and tours to local attractions with SCV.

Friday, 7th

6:30 pm: Bus to Thalia Mara Hall for Jim Caviezel


Sunday, 16th

1:15 pm: Bus to New Stage Theatre


Tuesday, 18th

5:00 pm: LEDO (Let’s Eat Dinner Out!) Dinner Group


Thursday, 27th – Friday, 28th


Overnight trip to attend Saenger Theatre, WWII Museum and restaurants! *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD*


Monday – Friday

7-9:00 am:  Coffee

Coffee is served in the Activity Room daily for conversation with friends.

Every Monday

1:00 pm:  Movie

A feature film sponsored by Origin Bank takes place in the Activity Room EVERY MONDAY. NEW MOVIE DAY.

Every Tuesday

2:30 pm:  Choir

FALL CHOIR BEGINS WITH A NEW CHOIR DAY! Enjoy music… like to sing? New members are welcome to join the choir.

Every Wednesday

1:00 pm:  Hand & Foot Card Games

This card game is easy to learn and fun to play! Find a partner or we’ll help you coordinate teams when you arrive.

Every Friday

6:30 pm:  BINGO

Test your luck at the Bingo Game and spend the evening with friends. $1 per bingo card.

Wednesday, 5th

9:30 am: Catholic Inquiry Class

Meet in the Dogwood Room for more information. Led by Father Frank Cosgrove, Leo and Carol Merchant.

10:00 am: Guest Speaker Bill Scruggs

Bill is coming back to share relaxation and stress relief techniques for your emotional and spiritual wellness.

Thursday, 6th

10:00 am: Coffee with MMJ

Village Meeting to get news and updates from the Executive Director, Mary Margaret Judy. Meet the new residents at SCV.

Friday, 7th

1:00 pm: Chronic Disease Workshop Begins

7 week health program hosted by the Mississippi Dpt. of Health. *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD*

Tuesday, 11th

10:30 am: History Club

George Kirkpatrick will speak on Benjamin Franklin. Part 1: Developer & Inventor.

Wednesday, 19th

10:30 am: Guest Speaker, SCV Dietician Emily

SCV Dietician presents ‘Crushing Carbohydrates’ A Health and Wellness Presentation.

Friday, 14th

3:00 pm:  Dart Games

No experience necessary and tons of fun! Give it try and come down to the Cyber Cafe! *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD*

Friday, 20th

10:00 am: Nourish Your Noggin’ Presentation

Topic is Legal and Financial Wellness. Guest Speaker, Natalie Hutto will share an overview of the important legal/financial decisions that we all need to consider as we age.

Friday, 21st

1:00 pm: SCV Resident $1 Bridge Game

Find a partner you enjoy playing with and *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD* for our monthly game!

STAY UP TO DATE! Receive updates and info right to your e-mail. Sign-up for the e-mail blast with Charlene at the Front Desk