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Every Tuesday

8:30 am:  Chair Yoga Class $20

Certified Chair Yoga Instructor, Lee Parrott walks you through 45 minutes of stretching, strengthening, flexibility, and relaxation. Yoga is beneficial physically and mentally! *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD*

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

9:30 am:  Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a form of aerobic exercise and strength training in the pool. Great for the joints!

9:30 am:  Group Strength Exercise Class

Low Impact stretching and strength exercises (sitting and standing options). TV Screen.

9:30 am:  Group Aerobic Exercise Class

High impact strength & cardio exercises (sitting and standing options). BIG Screen.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

3:45 pm:  Water Walking

An opportunity to strength train and walk in the pool with other residents.

Wednesday Mornings

9 am-11:00 am:  ½ hour Personal Training Sessions in the Gym with Diana

Learn how to use the machines in our Gym and incorporate some beneficial exercises into your routine. *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD*


Thursday, 5th

1:00 pm: Oil Painting Class with Bob Ross

Follow along with Bob Ross on the Big Screen to create a beautiful landscape painting. Materials provided.

Thursday, 12th

1:00 pm: Crafts

Making hand lotion and sugar scrubs. Materials provided.

Thursday, 22nd

1:00 pm: Crafts

Create a Sunflower. Materials provided.

Thursday, 29th

1:00 pm: Watercolor Painting Class

Watercolor paints are easy and fun, let your creative juices flow! Materials provided.

DAY TRIPS AND TOURS  Time to Explore! Trips and tours to local attractions with SCV.

Tuesday, 10th

5:00 pm: Let’s Eat Dinner Out! Dinner Group

Sombra Mexican Kitchen in Ridgeland. *SIGN-UP at the TRANSPORTATION DESK IN THE FRONT LOBBY*

Sunday, 15th

1:15 pm: Bus to New Stage Theatre



Thursday, 5th

10:00 am: Coffee with Lisa

Village meeting to get news, updates, meet the new SCV residents and hear from SVC Security on Weather Safety.

Friday, 6th

10:15 am:  Technology Speed Learning Sessions

*SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD* for your 15 minute ‘1 on 1’ learning session. Bring your laptop, phone or i-pad and QUESTIONS!

Tuesday, 10th

10:30 am: History Club: Pioneer West, Part 2

New waves of Americans flood the Louisiana Purchase (1803). Final battle then wages for the land to the Pacific Ocean.

Wednesday, 11th

9:30 am: Catholic Inquiry Class

Everyone is welcome to attend this weekly class in the Dogwood Room.

Friday, 13th

10:30 am: Guest Speaker

James Howell to share about the Boys Town Louisiana Organization.

Monday, 16th

3:00 pm : Dress Rehearsal

‘Has He Gone Home?” A Comedy by SCV Actors.

Tuesday, 17th

6:45 pm:  Play

‘Has He Gone Home?” A Comedy by SCV Actors.

Thursday, 19th

10:30 am:  Guest Speaker

Vera Simon, Mississippi Public Service Commission Info Session on ‘robo phone calls’.

Friday, 20th

3:30 pm: Dart Games

Meet in the Cyber Café for some fun, friendly competition. *SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD*

Friday, 20th

4-4:30 pm: Musical Entertainment

Dan Michael Colbert on the piano for Happy Hour.

Thursday, 26th

10:30 am: Guest Speaker

Jon Pritchett, President of Mississippi Center for Public Policy.

Friday, 27th

1:00 pm: $1 Bridge Game

*SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD* with your partner. Refreshments and coffee will be served.

Monday, 30th

1:00 pm: Technology Speed Learning Session

*SIGN-UP on the BULLETIN BOARD* for your 15 minute ‘1 on 1’ learning session. Bring your laptop, phone or i-pad and QUESTIONS!


1st George Kirkpatrick

3rd Carolyn Cooper

5th Catherine Paine

7th Mary Tharp

8th Samuel Tomlinson

11th Rita Martinson

13th Phyfa Eiland

14th Mickey Sullivan

15th Lee Jackson and Helen Marks

17th Carol Merchant

20th Mamie Pitts

21st Richard Johnson

22nd Martha Ruth Cooper

23rd Ellen Morgan

24th Mary Green

26th John Richards

27th John Shorkey

29th Richard Blount